The switch to eating vegan - 6 weeks in

Are you considering a switch to a vegan or maybe a whole-food plant-based diet and want to find out what it's like? You may have seen this post a couple of weeks ago on my switch to a vegan diet. I started early Feb which means it's been around 6 weeks.

So first up, this has been an AMAZING change. I'm feeling great (despite my mother's conerns!), honestly I've never felt better. My switch was brought on by a documentary on Netflix (Cowspiricy) which is all about the environmental impact of eating animal products, but I'm loving all the aspects of this new lifestyle, the healthy eating, environmental protection, and animal welfare. So here's what I've found.

Vegan food options look and taste great

Food preparation for me has always been a chore, and I'll admit, it still is to a certain extent. What I've found on this new diet is:

  • Less options makes things simpler
  • Vegan dishes taste delicious
  • I'm more conscious of eating healthy

I don't miss meat

I'd probably have been lucky to avoid meat one day a week before, so it was a big change. I thought I'd maybe have less energy, or just a general feeling of tiredness, or at least miss the taste / texture. But that's not how it's turned out. To be honest, it's a relief to not have to think about meat anymore. Food is easier to prepare when you don't have to worry about the meat portion, it just is. And I always knew there was something not right with eating meat. I could never hurt one of these animals myself. But I'd just stopped thinking about it. After all, everyone else does it, so it must be fine. I'm loving being able to re-focus on that aspect knowing I'm now living my true self.

I do miss dairy.... a bit

I used to always have some yogurt after work. And always added cheese to my nachos. In fact cheese on lots of things. And those connoisseur ice creams, they were THE BEST. So yeah, I do miss those treats. But I'm not concerned I'm missing out on anything important for my health which is the main thing. If you're interested, search up "animal protein calcium leaching" for some interesting reading on why you may not need as much calcium as you think when not eating animal proteins.

So yeah, overall this has been a fantastic change which I'd highly recommend to anyone who has concerns about their health (especially weight), is keen to help the planet, or tries to avoid thinking too much about the process of getting that steak onto your plate.


Good for you! It may be a bit of trial and error in the beginning, but after a while it becomes second nature. And luckily there are vegan alternatives for just about everything now (e.g. Daiya yogourt and cheese), so you don't have to miss any of your former favourites! :)

Thanks for the feedback. That Daiya yogurt sounds great, I'll have to investigate.

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