Where am I?

So the big question is, what's the goal of this website? Why is it here? What purpose does it serve? Yep, OK OK, let me explain.

I'll be honest, having recently started a job with a local web development firm having a strong focus on the Drupal CMS (Content Management System), I'm keen to put my new skills to the test on my own blogging-style website.

So for now, this is it. The plan is really just to share with you my journey of learning. There's so much I find interesting. Right now, a few of the things that have my attention are:

So you see there's a wide variety there. I'd like to expand on each of those, and more on this site.

So enjoy the reading, I hope you find something here useful. And please, if you have anything which you've found useful on your journey through life, let me know in the comments section below.

Derek Gillett
Canberra, Australia
18 January 2017

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