GTD and Evernote

GTD - Getting Things Done, is a productivity methodology proposed by David Allen in a book by the same name first published in 2001.

What is GTD anyway?

I'm simplifying a lot here, but the basic idea is to get everything out of your head and into a trusted system. Break things down into projects, then figure out the next step for each project. Do that thinking ahead of time, then when you have a moment, you can do that next step without having to think it through, like making a phone call. It's a great system and I highly recommend taking the time to read his book.

Enter Evernote

I've found it works really well in combination with Evernote, a note taking app I've mentioned previously. Basically with GTD you want to get all your thoughts down on paper, so each idea can easily be jotted down in a 'note' in Evernote. The note can be typed, emailed, a photo, or even an audio recording.

Once you have your notes entered, you can tag them with the appropriate categories as proposed by the GTD methodology. For example, GTD has a 'context' idea. Say the next step to move your project forward is to send an email when you're at home. So you could write a note with some information you'll need to compose that email, and tag is with a tag like '@Home' - meaning you'll do that when you're at home. You could also tag it with the name of the project, like '.Coast trip April 2017', so if you want to find all notes relevant to that project, you just look under that tag.

There's so much more you can do to help your GTD workflow using Evernote. If you're keen to try it out but would like more tips, hit me up!

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